Our Staff has been working at the leading edge of Control and Monitoring System user interfaces since the early 1980's.  We used 8 bit computers of our own design with CPU cards, RAM, ROM and I/O cards.  Our control systems migrated from the W8000 computer to our W8010 and from the W8010 to the Intel 310 industrial computer.  The Prosoft 1000 slowly evolved into the Prosoft 2000 user configurable version which was eventually sold off to a sales representative in the Chicago area and eventually abondoned.  Many of the later systems shipped from Minnesota linked to non-proprietary Human Machine Interfaces using Net DDE.

We have developed and are shipping a Graphical User Interface and Visual Logic Controller package which surpasses the functionality, survivability and ease of use aspects of all known competing control systems.   1.) Our new control system package includes a non-proprietary Steeplechase VLC software capable of continuing to control mission critical functions despite a Windows XP or hard drive crash without the use of expensive and eventually obsolete PLC's.  Steeplechase is considered the leading Real Time software provider for plant automation.  2.)  Our new control system package includes a non-proprietary Citect HMI which is available in seven languages and known World Wide as one of the most impressive and user friendly HMI's.  One installed Citect project involved 400,000 I/O and an extensive network of server and client computers.

Both Steeplechase and Citect are heavy hitters in their respective software industries.  We have chosen these two providers very carefully using our 20+ years of Control Systems experience.  We have developed software drivers connecting all W1300, W1300 local I/O racks, W1400, W1500, W1600, W1800 and W2000 Telemetry and control products to this system. 


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Updated: January 23, 2007