D Services, Inc. continues research and development of new products, processes and software for the Water and Wastewater industries.  Newly released product innovations include:


A new version of the W1800 RTU includes the ability to communicate directly with the memory of Automation Direct PLC's.  Unlike the typical event driven PLC communications link we continuously update all PLC system data as we do with our W1800 telemetry protocols.   This means that the Master system computer is aware almost immediately when a telemetry link is down or when the data changes.


We now offer 6" to 10" Black & White or Color touch screen interfaces for W1800 RTU locations.  These are typically used where a stand alone logic function is needed at a remote location within the extended telemetry system.  The example below is an 8" interface which is part of a Primary Variable Speed Lift Station.  The control logic involved a complex three overlapping Zone controller.  This project was a direct replacement of one of the original PLC's (A1032) produced by Aquatrol Corp. of Minnesota.  The lift station was off line for a few minutes during the actual switchover from pressure switch control to automatic VFD control. 

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