D Services. is a Minnesota based company Founded January of 1995. We specialize in design, manufacturing, system integration and support services for automated monitoring and control systems used in the Municipal Water and Wastewater markets. Our systems are comprised of high quality time proven digital telemetry products with our unique emphasis on open architecture. We use non-proprietary "off the shelf" master computer hardware, graphical type Human Machine Interface (HMI) software, multiple communication protocols, PLC’s and I/O. We design using today’s technologies and tomorrow’s standards in order to provide systems with useful lives well into the twenty first century.

D Services Inc. offers full service factory support including:
Sales and Marketing support.
System design services.
Engineering services using Computer Aided Design (CAD) and drafting.
24 hour emergency support services.
Factory direct telephone support.
On site system start up, trouble shooting and calibration services.
Manufacturing of systems, panels, circuit board assembly and subassemblies.
Bench repair services to the component level.
Full stock of transducers, relays, sockets, shutoff and bleed assemblies etc.
Software development and support using experienced field engineers.

We maintain a strong network of qualified sales and service representatives located in geographic regions across the continental United States. We offer each customer the choice of working directly with the factory or through local sales / service representatives of their selection. In most instances our systems can be maintained by the customer or by a reputable electrical, electronics or engineering company. This is due in part to our non proprietary approach to local sales and service; supporting each contact with the same professionalism and dedication to finding a resolution for you.

D Services, Inc. acquired more than 90% of the products originally produced by the once predominant Aquatrol Corporation of Minnesota. We continue to produce these products with the same attention and dedication we applied to elevate Aquatrol Corp. of MN to it’s peak prior to closing it’s doors in 1993 when the Aquatrol products were sold to TANO Corp. of Louisiana. The first and longest running digital polling telemetry system in the water and wastewater markets (Aquatrol W1300) is now a trademark of D Services, Inc. These products represent an installed base of more than 6,000 systems nation wide of which a large portion are still in service today.

2485 Maplewood Dr. #212
St. Paul, MN 55109
Phone: 651-766-2500
Fax: 651-766-2502
24 Hr. Pager: 651-908-0997

Eugene A. Daniels


Michael J. Bailey
VP-Sales & Engineering



Updated: January 7, 2009