D Services, Inc. is the sole owner and source for Aquatrol W1200 / W1300 / W1400 products.

D Services is made up of key Design, Sales, Manufacturing and Technical personnel from Aquatrol Corp. of Minnesota. We have developed several new W1300 / W1400 / W1600 / W1800 / W2000 RTUs, conversions and computer interface products. W1300 telemetry now connects to non-proprietary computer hardware, True multitasking VLC control software and Windows based HMI’s.

We offer our customer the choice of working with the factory direct or through one of our many authorized Sales or Service Representatives.

New W1300 / W1400 / W1600 / W1800 / W2000  control systems, parts, panels and additions are shipped weekly with an estimated installed base of 4,000 systems nation wide.

W1300 / W1400 / W1600 / W1800 / W2000 system repair costs are considerably less than the repair of comparable control systems. Competitive products have not surpassed our reliability or efficiency.


Eugene A. Daniels

2485 Maplewood Dr. #212
St. Paul, MN 55109
Phone: 651-766-2500
Fax: 651-766-2502
24 Hr. Pager: 651-908-0997

Updated: January 23, 2007