Steeplechase software operates "Real Time" at the machine level of the computer, updating all local and remote I/O data through continuously polling systems.   Control logic, Remote Telemetry and Local I/O programs are performed each 20ms.  The computer can be of almost any brand and runs more than 1000 times faster than a PLC.  Run Time access to the programs and I/O is made through the Control Maintainer program where the current path of the software operations is indicated by the blue outline.  At the request of the customer (subject to system securities) we are able to link directly with the run time software using PC Anywhere.  We are able to troubleshoot field equipment problems from anywhere in the world at a moments notice.  We construct modular software systems using our 20+ years of water / wastewater experience making it easy to isolate issues to the cause.       

RESULT: "Non-proprietary" hardware, Improved "Ease of Use" and "Customer Support"

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